7 Tips for Selling a Home in the Bay Area

The Real Estate market is distinct when you are selling a home in the San Francisco Bay Area. The prices of homes in the Bay Area are much higher than the average prices in the Country. When planning on selling your home, you need to have a different approach, specifically if you own a home in one of the high-end areas where market value is significantly higher. All strategies must be aimed for the right buyer. You need to carefully address every move to appeal and meet the expectations of the potential buyers.

If this is your first time selling a house in the area, you might be a bit warry about how to go about it successfully. The good news is the San Francisco Bay Area market continues to be one of the strongest and fast growing because of the high demand for real estate. There are no guarantees in this kind of market; however, here are some Tips that can help you be ahead of the competition.

Work with an experienced realtor.

You need to be sure that the broker or the agent you are working with has expertise working in the area. Don’t just go with the first recommendation you receive from a family member or a friend. Try to personally evaluate if the agent is a good fit for your needs. Each broker has their specialties. You might also have your special needs. Your selection in this regards is very important.

Be reasonable and balanced when setting the list price.

Setting the right price might be trickier than you think. Price it too high and you risk letting your house sit on the market too long or reducing the traffic of people viewing it. Price it too low and you might end up getting less for it than it’s really worth. Discuss this with your realtor and make sure enough research is invested here. The agent will research comparable of properties that have sold in the area similar to an appraisal. After this, there will be discussion with sellers on what the best price is to list the property for so that the house is appealing to potential buyers. An experienced Agent will be able to guide you through this.

Do the minors repairs and declutter the house.

You might choose to have a home inspection done prior to you listing the house. Many items on this report could be easily and inexpensively fixed by you. Also decluttering the house by getting rid of things or moving them into storage will make a massive difference. It is highly recommended for sellers to do proper inspections so that it is fully disclosed so that buyers are fully aware of what they are purchasing. Peace of mind to both Seller and Buyer is best.

Use a professional stager.

When possible, try to stage the house using a professional stager. This will help buyers picture themselves living there. Staging your home to sell is a major undertaking and it is hard to do on your own. Many stagers are willing to get paid after you sell the house. Usually the house will bring better offers when it is staged right.

Use professional photos.

DIY photos wouldn’t cut it nowadays when you are presenting your house online. Many potential buyers will make a decision whether to come and view the house or not based on the photos. A good photographer will give your listing a real boost. This is especially important when you are appealing to potential buyers from outside the area.

Have a strong marketing plan.

Having a yard sign and a listing in the MLS is not going to cut it in today’s market. Many qualified younger generation buyers are in the market. They are a lot savvier and demand a unique marketing ways to reach them. Be creative with where and how to market the property and work with an agent that is experienced in this regard. This will make your house stand out.

Offer some unique perks.

The current buyer is looking for something different. Can you bring in some unique features that will give your home an identity? How about that custom bathroom, Amazing ecofriendly landscaping, A herb and vegetable garden, a modern sink and appliances. There are endless ideas that will make your house pop. Many of them are not that expensive and will increase the value of your house. This will separate you from your competition.

Selling your property in the San Francisco bay area requires a good balance between your wants and desires and those of your ideal buyers. Although timing and market condition might affect the price of your house, following the above strategies will hopefully maximize your profit. If you have any questions, or if you like to get a free appraisal of your home, please contact the MRES Team at (650) 745-8186 or email us team@mresbayarea.com